Annexation Phase V – Project 17 -Blue Springs Woods, Beacon Hill, Emerald Garden, Hickory Grove


Project Details Downloads
Construction Start: 2015 Project 17 Map(PDF)
Section 1:  Estimated Completion – Summer 2017 Project Schedule Section 1 (updated 03/2017
Section 2:  Completed & Available for Connection
(FIF  Waiver Ends Nov. 5, 2017) 
Project Schedule Section 2 (updated 03/2017)
Served: 480 Section II Connection Notification
Project 17 Survey and Appraisal Letter
Engineer Design Firm: Moorman, Kizer & Reitzal Project 17 Prelim. Assessment Letter
Section 1-State Utility Contractors, Inc
Section 2-Billy Bill Grading Inc
Project 17 Prelim. Assessment Resolution
Installation: What to Expect (pdf)
Project 16 & 17 Project Delayed
How to Connect (pdf)
Search Installation by Street What To Expect During Installation (video)


The Construction Process

There are several phases to the construction process. PWC ensures that the Contractor makes every effort to limit interruptions and the impact on residents during each phase of the construction process.

First, you will see design engineers and surveyors canvassing the area to determine the layout of the sewer collection system. Once the design is complete, the project will be bid and the construction phase will begin.

When construction begins, asphalt will be removed from the street and excavation crews will begin installing the sewer mains. This is typically done in one city block-sized area at a time.

A second excavation crew will then install the laterals from the sanitary sewer main to the right of way. It will be the homeowner’s responsibility to connect from the clean out to the home once they are notified connections can begin.

Smaller excavations may be necessary throughout the construction process to test the lines and perform compaction testing to ensure the new asphalt does not fail.

Once all excavation and testing have been completed, the contractor will then patch the asphalt and restoration will take place.

This information is subject to change.