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PWC Employees Work Two Million Hours with No Lost-Time Injuries

PWC Employees reached a new safety milestone in June 2013 as they worked over two million work hours with no lost-time injuries.  PWC’s last lost-time injury was November 14, 2011. PWC employees have reached the one million hour mark seven  times since 1995 and this marked the second time in the utility’s history it has  surpassed two million hours. The first occurred in 2007.

The North Carolina Department of Labor, presented PWC employees the recognition for the safety accomplishment.  PWC’s attention to safety has been recognized annually with our workers earning state-wide and national safety recognition.  The most recent awards include:

  • The North Carolina Department of Labor presented PWC its Outstanding Work in Accident Prevention Award for 25 consecutive years of safety achievements.

  • PWC earned the American Public Power Association’s Electric Utility Safety First Place Award for attaining a low accident frequency during 2012. PWC was one of 100 municipal utilities recognized (out of over 2,000) and the achievement was PWC’s 22nd consecutive APPA safety award.

  • The North Carolina Association of Municipal Electric System’s presented PWC its Electric Safety Award for no lost work day accident cases in 2012. The award was PWC’s 17th NCAMES award

    PWC has nearly 600 employees who daily enter confined spaces, work around electrical voltages up to 230,000 volts, dig trenches over 20 feet deep, handle hazardous chemicals, and drive an average of over 7,000 miles every day.