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PWC offers a variety of payment options for our customers, including our Pay-by-Text option and select Food Lions that accept payments through Western Union.


Electronic Options Phone Options

Western Union Speedpay*



In Person Options
Customer Service Center
Western Union Locations*
Other Services
Automatic Bank Draft
Equal Payment Option
Payment Extensions
Late Payment Notification

* fee may apply


Payment Option



Automatic Bank Draft

Payments are drafted automatically each month on bill’s due date. You still receive a bill, but it’s marked “do not pay,” Contact our bank draft representative at (910) 223-4134 for more details.

Enroll in Bank Draft

Customer Service Center

Cash, check, & money order payments accepted at our 955 Old Wilmington Rd. location. Customers paying by debit/credit card at this location must use our lobby courtesy phone to access Speedpay ($3.50 convenience fee applies). There is also an ATM on-site (bank convenience fee applies). A night depository for payment is available, however payments placed in the depository during normal working hours will not be processed until the following scheduled work day.
Hours: M-F, 8:30am-5:30pm, excluding holidays
Telephone Service Hours: M-F, 8am-8pm, excluding holidays

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eBill is PWC’s free, secure electronic billing service that is environmentally friendly and convenient to use.  You can view and pay your bill quickly and safely without paper.  When you sign up for eBill, your bill will be delivered to you as a secure PDF email attachment.  Your eBill will have a summary of your charges, just like the paper copy you receive currently.

You can view your eBill privately, without having to register or remember any names or passwords.  It also allows you to easily and quickly pay your bill using a link in your monthly email, with a no-cost electronic payment option. 

Dear Gabby: Paying By eBill

Equal Payment Option Allows customers to pay equal monthly payments based on previous consumption history. To sign up or learn more about the plan, call (910) 483-1382.
Late Payment Notification Automated telephone system will call a customer should their payment not be received prior to their due date. These calls will be made during the evening hours Monday through Saturday. Customers may sign up for this program in the office or by calling the PWC Call Center at (910) 483-1382.
Online Payments* Debit/credit (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, & Discover) card payments accepted via Western Speedpay.
* $3.50 convenience fee applies.

Payment by

Checks & debit/credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, & Discover) payments accepted via Western Union Speedpay at (866) 735-7743. The cardholder must provide the zip code of the billing address for the card.
* $3.50 convenience fee applies

Fast and secure payment option that is is environmentally friendly and convenient to use. Pay-by-Text subscribers receive a payment alert text message approximately 5 days before their bill is due. There are no fees charged for account setup to pay using bank routing/account information. A fee applies if customers use debit cards.

Dear Gabby: Pay-by-Text

Payment Extensions Provisions are made to extend due dates on a case by case basis depending on individual credit history, justification, or need. Extensions may be requested in our office located at 955 Old Wilmington Rd., or by calling the PWC Call Center at (910) 483-1382.

Western Union*

Customers can pay their PWC bill at Western Union locations world-wide seven days a week. Cash-only payments are accepted and payments are applied to customers' accounts the same day. Customer must provide PWC account number.
* Western Union applies a small fee for accepting and processing the payment.