Residential Rates

On March 9, 2016, the PWC Board adopted revised rates, fees, and charges. These new rates, fees, and charges have been increased to keep up with the increasing cost of providing services and long-term system capital needs.

Electric Customers to Receive Credit Beginning April 1, 2017
Beginning April 1, 2017, electric customers will see a Wholesale Power Cost Adjustment credit applied to your bill.  Because of lower than expected costs in 2016 from our power supply provider, Duke Energy, PWC will credit back $5 million to electric customers over an estimated 12-month period.  A credit of .00273 will be applied per your kWh used.  An example of the credit would be a customer with a monthly use of 1,000 kWh, will receive a credit of $2.73.

*Water Shortage Ordinance
Should the Commission declare/proclaim a water shortage, all rates are subject to change by adding a second tier block for all usage over 5 MGAL and the rate will be 15% higher than the current block.