$3500 Nissan Leaf Rebate Available for PWC Customers

PWC Electric Customers Can Save Up To $3,500 on A New Electric Car through September 30th. Public power communities across the U.S. have teamed up with Nissan to offer rebates to public power electric customers on the all-electric 2019 Nissan LEAF.

PWC customers are eligible for a $3,500 rebate when purchasing the 2019 LEAF standard edition and $2,500 when purchasing the ePlus edition. The offer ends September 30, 2019.

In addition to the public power rebate, customers can also get up to $7,500 in federal electric vehicle (EV) tax credits and additional state may also be available.

To claim the rebate,  print the rebate flyer. Bring the flyer, proof of eligible residency, and your current electric bill to Fayetteville’s Nissan dealer and drive away with a great deal that’s great for our environment.  Visit APPA's website for more details.

Learn More About Electric Vehicles at Sandhills Drive Electric
Saturday, September 21st  from 11 am- 3 pm at Honeycutt Park, 352 Devers Street  in Fayetteville.

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