Carolyn Justice-Hinson to Lead Customer Division

Carolyn Justice-Hinson has been named the new Chief Customer Officer for PWC. Justice-Hinson will be leading the Customer Division, which includes Customer Service, Billing and Collections, Customer Programs, Development & Marketing, and Metering Services. She began her duties as the Chief Customer Officer in the beginning of April.  

“I’m excited for the opportunity to lead the Customer Division,” said Carolyn Justice-Hinson, Chief Customer Officer for PWC. “During my time at PWC, the needs of our customers have always come first. Working in the Customer Division, I look forward to the opportunity to have a more direct impact in helping our customers and leading a high-performing customer service team.”

Justice-Hinson joined PWC in 1997 when she established PWC’s first Public Information Office. In 2012, she joined PWC’s executive team as one of PWC’s first female executive officers when she was named the Communications/Community Relations Officer. Justice-Hinson is a past Chair of the American Public Power Association’s Public Communication Section, Past Chair of the Methodist University Board of Visitors, and the Cumberland County Air Quality Stakeholders (AQS). She currently serves on the United Way of Cumberland County’s Board of Directors and Development Committee, is a member of the Women’s Giving Circle, and is President-Elect for the Rotary Club of Fayetteville. 

“When I joined PWC last year, I quickly noticed Carolyn Justice-Hinson’s passion for serving our customers and our community,” said Timothy Bryant, CEO/General Manager of Fayetteville PWC. “She embodies all of PWC’s Core Values of Appreciating and Respecting People, Being Safe, Commitment to Excellence and Doing What’s Right. She is the obvious leader for the Customer Division and their important responsibility of serving our customers.”

PWC’s Customer Division is responsible for serving more than 122,000 electric, water, and wastewater customers with 75% of customers having two or more PWC services. Last year, PWC’s customer service had 495,136 customer contacts and averaged answering more than 32,000 calls a month. The Customer Division generated 1.4 million bills last year.