Commercial & Industrial Programs

At PWC, we do all that we can to give our commercial and industrial customers reliable service and competitive rates. We have an abundant supply of electricity and water waiting for you.

Our Customer Programs Department is your best resource when it comes to our services. We work directly with Commercial and Industrial customers through our Key Accounts Program and help customers resolve issues and find cost-saving improvements.

Because we are your hometown utility, we live and work in this community just like you. We strive to provide first-rate service, and our Customer Programs Department is there to make sure we do just that for our commercial and industrial customers.

To contact our Customer Programs Department, call (910) 223-4359 or click here to submit a request.

Commercial After hours “Hotline”– in an effort to provide additional assistance to our Commercial and small Industrial customers who may need information or help getting their operation back in business following an after hours electric service interruption, PWC now has individuals on call, 24/7, to provide assistance to this important segment of our customer base.

PWC Meter Replacement Program

Click HERE for Commercial & Industrial Frequently Asked Questions