COVID-19 Update

PWC has been working to meet the requirements outlined in Governor Roy Cooper's Executive order 142 that stopped utility disconnections from March 31 to July 31.  The order required utilities to offer six-month payment of past due balances after the order ended if the customer contacted their provider and requested a payment plan.

Many utilities throughout the state resumed cutoffs August 1 when  Executive Order 142 ended if customers had not setup plans.  PWC put our customers on automatic payment plans and the first payment is due along with the current amount of the customers bill they received in August.    In addition, PWC included past due balances before the executive order in the payment plans when the order did not protect those customers.

If a customers payment of their August bill and the 1st installment of the payment plan is not received by their August bill due date, they will become eligible for disconnection.  A customer on a payment plan may pay early some or all of the balance due. To ensure early payment is properly allocated, customers must contact PWC at 910-483-1382 or customer.service@faypwc.com.

For specific account information, customers can log-in to the PWC online account manager  or contact customer service at 910-483-1382.


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