Economic Development Plan

Availability — Available throughout the territory served by the Public Works Commission in accordance with the Commission’s established service regulations and the Commission’s established policy for the administration of the Economic Development Rate Schedule.

Applicability — To electric service provided for industrial/commercial facilities expansion or for new electrical loads provided that such expansion or new load exceeds 500kW, but is less than 1,000kW of maximum monthly demand. This rate is not applicable to temporary or permanent construction services. This rate schedule is applicable to the first thirty-six (36) months of service only. Following the first thirty-six months of service, the customer’s account will be reclassified to the appropriate general service rate schedule.


Character of Service — Service shall be three-phase, sixty hertz alternating current at the Commission’s standard available voltages. Service shall be provided at a single point of delivery through one meter.

Monthly Rate — The monthly rate for the first thirty-six (36) months of service shall be based on ninety percent (90%) of the otherwise applicable general service rate. Such applicable general service rate shall be based on the size of the customer’s total load and the customer’s optional election of service under any rate for which they qualify.

Wholesale Power Cost Adjustment — All stated energy rates are subject to a wholesale power cost adjustment (WPCA).

Payments — All bills shall be paid in accordance with the terms of the Service Regulations and Charges.