Economic Development Rider

Availability — Available throughout the territory served by the Public Works Commission in accordance with the Commission’s established service regulations and the Commission’s established policy for the administration of the Economic Development Rider.

Applicability — To  electric service provided for new or existing industrial/commercial facilities under PWC’s Large Power Service – Coincident Peak Schedule for new electrical loads provided that such new loads meet a minimum of 1,000 kW or for existing facility load expansion of at least 750 kW, with a load factor of 40%; and provided that the establishment is not classified as retail trade or public administration. This rate is applicable for (60) months of service only. To qualify for  service under this Rider, customer must either employee an additional workforce in PWC’s service area of a minimum of seventy-five (75) full time equivalent  employees (FTE) or the customer must employee a net increase in FTEs and new load must result in a four hundred thousand dollar ($400,000) capital investment.  The Rider is not available to a customer which results from a change in ownership, short-term construction, temporary service, or electrical load that results from the shutdown or reduction of generation facilities.

Monthly Billing — The monthly billing shall be the amount computed under the rate schedule and other riders with which this Rider is used less the following Discount as a percent applied to the energy charge associated with the new load in accordance with the table below:

Discount Discount to Current Energy Charge %
Year 1 22.0022%
Year 2 17.6018%
Year 3 13.2013%
Year 4 8.8009%
Year 5 4.4004%

General Provisions – Customer must make an application to PWC for service under this Rider and PWC must approve such application before customer may receive service hereunder. Customer must agree to a minimum contract term of sixty (60) months, with the credits being available for a maximum period of sixty (60) months immediately following the date of operation. For customers contracting under this Rider due to expansion, PWC may install metering equipment necessary to measure new load to be billed under this Rider separate from the existing load billed under the applicable rate schedule or PWC may determine, based on historical usage, which portion of the customer’s load, if any, qualifies as new load eligible for this Rider.

Power Supply Adjustment (PSA) – All stated rates are subject to a monthly power supply adjustment (PSA).