Advanced Meters – Health & Safety

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Advanced meters are safe and secure and have been thoroughly tested for safety and reliability. Advanced meters identical to the one you will receive are also in use across the country, where they have undergone extensive tests. These meters operate at a level that is much lower (1.4%) than the maximum permissible exposure limits for radio frequency, as defined by the Federal Communications Commission. Click here to learn more about Advanced Meter Safety.


Radio frequency from Advanced Meters and your health risk
Wireless technology is prevalent in our everyday lives. Everything from cell phones to wireless internet routers to baby monitors and garage door openers use radio frequency to operate. The Federal Communications Commission sets radio frequency levels for AMI meters and the meters used by PWC will comply with the FCC standards. Radio frequency levels measured from advanced meters are well below the approved limits established for the general public.Radio frequency from Advanced Meters have been studied and found to emit very low fields and then only intermittently. Any exposure to humans would be extremely small. Below is a comparison of advanced meters to common household appliances:


FM radio or TV broadcast signal
Advanced Meters at 10 feet
Cyber Cafe (Wi-Fi)
Laptop Computer
Cell Phone held up to ear
Microwave at 2-inches from door
Exposure level
10 – 20
10 – 20
30 – 10,000
500 – 42,000


To learn more about the health impacts of advanced metering, please visit the following links:

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Radio Frequency Safety

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