Hope Mills Water System FAQ

About Refunds

Why do I have to fill out a form?
We want to make sure customers get the full refund they are due. During our compiling of records eligible for refunds (over 12,000 customers) there are many accounts where it is difficult to make sure we have that individuals are properly associated with accounts. This is related to slightly different customer information on different accounts that we believe are the same individual. Examples include:

  • Some customer records used a middle initial and others do not.
  • Cases where a Jr. or Sr. was used on one account but not a subsequent account.
  • Name changes due to marriage, divorce or other reason
  • Social Security number may not be on record.

I live in Hope Mills town limits, why did I not receive a form?
There may be two reasons you did not receive a form:

  • Only customers who are/were located within the Hope Mills Town limits between October 2007 to April 2016 and who were charged outside city rates, are eligible for refunds. Many customers located within the town limits had always been billed on the correct rate. If you did not receive a form, it was determined you were charged the correct rate
  • Refund forms for former customers who lived within the Hope Mills town limits during the October 2007 – April 2016 and eligible for refunds were mailed forms to the last mailing address in PWC records. If you meet this criteria and did not receive a form, our records may not be up to date. Please call (910) 483- 1382 to provide a current mailing address.

I have a Hope Mills address, why did I not get a form?

Not all Hope Mills addresses are located within the Hope Mills town limits and therefore are not eligible for outside city rate refunds.
How long will it take to get my refund?
Reimbursements will be processed as forms are received and checks will be mailed within six (6) weeks to the address you provide on the verification form.

How long do I have to return the form?
The deadline for submitting a claims form is June 30, 2017?

I have lost the postage paid envelope.  Where do I mail the claims form to?

Claims Administrator-HMRR
Fayetteville Public Works Commission
PO Box 1089
Fayetteville NC, 28302-9907

Why have we been paying different rates?
When PWC bought the Hope Mills water system in 1998, the agreement allowed for customers located inside the Hope Mills town limits to receive the same rates as customers who lived inside the City of Fayetteville.  There have been confusing interpretations of the agreement since that time which resulted in some customers paying different rates.

Why are changes being made now?
The issue was brought to the PWC Board’s attention recently and after a review of the agreement, the Board wanted to resolve the confusion and insure rates were applied in a fair and consistent manner.

What are the changes?
PWC customers located within the Hope Mills town limits who have been billed outside city rates, will be changed to inside city rates and refunded the difference they have paid for water and sewer services.

How do I know if I’m paying inside or outside city rates?
The inside or outside rate designation will be indicated on your bill beside your Basic Facility Charge.

HM bill scan


What if I live outside the Hope Mills town limits?
All customers located outside the town limits will continue to be billed outside city rates.

When will my  rate change from outside to inside?
Having received residency information from the town of Hope Mills, the rate change for most customers was made on May 1, 2016.  However, ongoing reviews could result in subsequent changes.

Will I receive a refund?
PWC will work with Hope Mills to identify those customers affected by the change and who are eligible for a rate adjustment or refund.   The Town of Hope Mills has grown since PWC purchased the water system and its town limits have changed. Hope Mills will be providing information regarding its town limits. Once we receive this information, we expect it may take a few months to accurately identify those customers who are eligible for the refunds and what those refunds will be.

How much will my refund be?
Customers who are eligible for refunds will be refunded the difference of what they would have paid with inside city rates.  PWC will be reviewing billing records to determine this.

How will I receive my refund?
Refunds will be issued in check form.

When will I receive my refund?
PWC and the Town of Hope Mills have to identify those customers who are eligible for refunds and the correct starting point for those refunds. Once that is determined, PWC must review billing records that go back many years before any refunds are issued.

I pay a Basic Facility Charge and a Water Charge, does this apply to both?
Yes, if it is determined that your rate will change from outside to inside, that will apply to both your Basic facility charge and your water charge.

How will I know if I’m receiving a refund?
PWC will be sending out communications to Hope Mills Customers regarding this matter.

Do I pay my bill this month?
Yes, you will pay your PWC bill as received.  If you are eligible for a rate change, you will be refunded for the difference you have paid.

What if I previously lived in Hope Mills and was a PWC customer?
We will be working with the Town of Hope Mills to identify current and former residents/customers that this affects.  If someone was a PWC customer and located in Hope Mills, we will review if they are eligible for a refund and attempt to locate them using their last known address (provided by customer when stopping PWC service).

Does this also apply to sewer services?

Will changing the rates of Hope Mills customers cause all our rates to increase?
No, PWC will use its reserves (Water rate stabilization fund) to make any necessary refunds.

 How much can I expect my bill to be when paying inside city rates?
A customer using 5,000 gallons water/sewer pays $58.02 on inside city rates and $95.74 on outside city rates.

If my rate changes to inside City- What will it be?

Amount Used Inside – Current Rate Outside – Current Rate
Residential Water
0-2,000 gallons $2.26 $3.62
2,001-5,000 gallons $2.69 $4.30
5,001-10,000 gallons $3.65 $5.84
10,001+ gallons $4.37 $6.99
Basic Facility Charge (3/4″) $9.00 $14.40
Residential Water Irrigation
0-30,000 gallons $4.69 $7.50
30,001-60,000 gallons $5.75 $9.20
60,000+ gallons $8.94 $14.30
Basic Facility Charge (3/4″) $9.00 $14.40
Sewer- Residential
per 1,000 gallons $4.89 $7.82
Basic Facility Charge $9.90 $14.40


How do PWC water rates compare to other NC Cities?

Below is a comparison of PWC residential water & sewer rates as of January, 2016 for inside city rate customers using 6,000 gallons:

Water Rate Comparison 6,000 gallons   Sewer Rate Comparison 6,000 gallons
OWASA-Orange Co. $46.96 Cary $59.23
Harnett Co. $37.50 OWASA-Orange Co. $50.88
Wilmington $34.93 Harnett Co $43.50
Raleigh $31.87 Greenville $42.88
Hoke County $31.75 Hoke  County $42.00
Greenville $30.14 Wilmington $41.91
Cary $29.87 Raleigh $40.49
PWC-Current $26.80 PWC-Current $40.00