HOPE Program Offers Utility Assistance

The HOPE Program is now accepting applications. $117 million is available for this effort, which is part of the previous announcement from the Governor that $175 million would be allocated to rental and utility assistance.

In general terms, renters in the state who meet the income requirements and who have been economically impacted as a result of the pandemic may receive assistance with their rent and/or utilities. Utility assistance is only for past dues bills and can include up to six months of past due bills. Electricity, water and sewer/wastewater and natural gas utilities are covered and payments will be made directly to the utilities.

Here is a link to more information: https://nc211.org/hope/ 

Here is a utility specific link: http://nc211.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/HOPE-FOR-UTILITIES-Factsheet-English.pdf