Important Message for Water Customers

Important Message for PWC Water Customers

Some individuals/businesses not associated with PWC may be attempting to take advantage of our customers by providing false information about your  drinking water.  Using recent news of contaminates such as GenX found in the Cape Fear River (below the PWC/Fayetteville service area), these individuals/businesses  may encourage you to provide a water sample with the intent of selling home water filtration systems or bottled water dispensers.  You are under no obligation to participate, provide water samples or personal information if solicited with offers by these independent businesses.

Please know that PWC water is safe and meets or exceeds all EPA standards for safe drinking water. GenX is not in PWC drinking water. Our most recent Water Quality Report filed with the state of North Carolina and EPA can be viewed here. PWC encourages customers to carefully evaluate before participating in sampling, accepting and/or purchasing retail products. If you have a question about the water services you receive from PWC, please contact us at 910-483-1382.

2016 Water Quality Report
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