Backflow Prevention Inspection & Residential Lawn Irrigation Program

Residential customers with separate lawn irrigation meters are required by state and local regulations to have backflow protectors on their irrigation system. The backflow protectors are also required to be inspected routinely. As a part of PWC’s Residential Lawn Irrigation Program, PWC has authorized contractors to test and repairs customers’ backflow protectors. Irrigation customers are billed a small fee monthly to cover the costs associated with Backflow preventer inspections and maintenance.

An authorized PWC contractor will inspect irrigation systems.  A new contractor and schedule is expected soon.

  • The contractor is required to have proper identification, and will need to come onto your property for approximately 30 minutes to do the testing and/or repairs if necessary.
  • The contractor should knock or ring the doorbell before the testing is done.
  • They will work at the location of your backflow preventer. Most of the time this will be in the front yard or beside your house in an above ground plastic cover (sometimes covered up by dirt, pine straw, or grass). In some cases the backflow preventer may be located in your backyard or below ground.
  • The testing will interrupt your lawn irrigation service briefly, but should not affect the operation of your lawn irrigation water service after the test is done.
  • The contractor may leave a door hanger with contact information on your front door advising you of issues that need to be taken care of.
  • Testing is required by state and local regulations and PWC performs this as part of the Residential Lawn Irrigation Program. If you choose to not allow the contractor to come onto your property; it will be your responsibility to hire someone for the testing.
  • If you have any problems, questions or concerns with this service, please feel free to contact PWC at 910-223-4704