Latest Podcast: Keep Grease & Wipes Out the Pipes or Else!

The latest episode of PWC Connections: The Podcast is now available on our website and loading through multiple podcast platforms.

Episode 59 – Keep Grease & Wipes Out the Pipes or Else! (21:26)

Hosts: Lamont Hinson | Lexi Hasapis
Guest: Thomas Urbanek, Water Resources Field Supervisor

Since PWC’s first water reclamation facility was built in 1959, the growth of Fayetteville/Cumberland County has increased the demand for quality wastewater services annually. PWC continues to meet the needs brought on by residential expansion and economic development as well as be instrumental in the installation of wastewater services in developed areas that were built without the benefits of public utilities. However, our consumers can assist with the reduction of issues by properly disposing of grease, wipes, and other non-flushable items to avoid their entry into the wastewater system. Thomas Urbanek, Water Resources Field Supervisor, joined us to share some field experiences and advice that could potentially help customers save money in the long run. Click “Play” for another informative, fun episode!