Naughty or Nice Holiday Safety List

As you make your lists and check them twice, here is one to keep your holiday celebrations safe and wonderful.


  • Water your Christmas tree daily to keep it hydrated and reduce your risk of fire.
  • Keep ladders away from power lines when hanging outdoor decorations and follow all manufacturer’s instructions for ladder use.
  • Make sure all lights and decorations have the UL seal – and be sure anything electrical put outdoors is labeled for outdoor use.
  • Keep all decorations, including Christmas trees, at least three feet away from heating equipment or an open flame.
  • Always unplug electrical decorations before replacing bulbs or fuses.
  • Always follow manufactures’ instructions and use products as they were intended regarding indoor or outdoor use.
  • Remember to plug outdoor decorations into outlets protected by Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs) to prevent shock


  • Never leave indoor and outdoor electrical decorations and heating equipment on when leaving home or going to bed. Consider using an automatic timer to ensure that lights are not left on by mistake.
  • Never attempt to extend the length of an extension cord by connecting it with another extension cord. Use an extension cord that is long enough to meet your needs.
  • Never use frayed or damaged cords or light strands.
  • Never run an extension cord under a rug or positioned so that it’s pinched by furniture.
  • Never place electrical decorations near water.

Info courtesy of esfi.org