Partnership for Safe Water

PWC is proud to be a charter member of the Partnership for Safe Water, which was developed jointly by the Environmental Protection Agency, American Water Works Association, utilities, and other water

What is the Partnership for Safe Drinking Water? The Partnership for Safe Drinking Water is a voluntary initiative for enhancing water treatment to provide higher quality drinking water. The program is a four-phased, self-assessment, and peer-review process to help water suppliers examine their water operations, maintenance, and management practices to determine where improvements can be made.

How does the water consumer benefit from the partnership? Water quality will be improved. Through this Partnership, water experts will provide utilities with guidance, advice, and technical assistance for fine-tuning water treatment. Partnership members are committed to taking preventive treatment actions to ensure drinking water is always safe, no matter what environmental influences may impact raw water quality.

Why is this program important? As water providers identify and battle microbial contaminants such as “Cryptosporidium,” achieving optimum water treatment has become more important. Partnership members are taking aggressive steps to perfect their everyday water operations and maintenance to combat water contaminants. Their overall goal is to improve drinking water quality and treatment.  The Partnership also strengthens the relationship of the government, utilities, and water organizations so they can continue to work together to ensure the quality of public drinking water.

What are the Partners required to do? In addition to committing to ongoing water treatment enhancement, Partnership members must meet current USEPA water quality standards, be in compliance with the Surface Water Treatment Rule for the past six months, have a third party assess their water operations, implement system improvements identified by the assessment, and communicate their efforts to their customers.

Director’s Award In 2000, PWC became the first utility in North Carolina to be recognized with the Director’s Award from the Partnership.  The award recognizes PWC’s efforts and proven ability to treat water in a manner which meets or exceeds current regulatory practices.  Since earning the award in 2000, PWC continues to maintain this distinction through its exemplary practices.  PWC has maintained the Directors Award for 20 years, an honor achieved by less than 200 water utilities across the country.

 20-Year Director’s Award In 2021, PWC received the 20-Year Director’s Award from the Partnership for maintaining the Directors Award for 20 Years.  The Director’s Award is presented to water systems who have completed a successful review in the Partnership’s Self-Assessment and Peer Review phase, a phase in which utilities examine the capabilities of their treatment plant operation and administration and then create a plan for implementing improvements.

In April of 2011, PWC became a Charter Member of the Partnership for Safe Water Distribution
System Optimization Program.  This new Partnership program focuses on the operation and
maintenance of our water treatment facilities, mains, and water storage tanks.  As a Charter Member, PWC will test program materials and provide input to improve this program for others that follow.