Pay-by-Text Puts Payment in the Palm of Your Hand

Pay-by-Text is PWC’s newest payment option. It’s secure (personal information is not sent by text message), paperless, fast, and convenient. It also gives you the ultimate control over paying your utility bill each month.

Here’s how it works – each month, about five days before your bill is due, you’ll receive a “payment alert” text message. All you have to do is text “YES PWC” then hit send when you’re ready to pay. Your monthly payments will be made directly from your bank account or paid by your credit or debit card.

To sign up, call 1-866-735-7743 or log into your account. Sign up using your bank routing and account number and Pay-by-Text is free! A fee will be applied for credit or debit card payments. Even if you’re signed up for Pay-by-Text, you always have the option to make your payment in another way.

To find out if your cell phone provider supports PWC’s Pay-by-Text, visit www.speedpay.com/westernunionpaybytext.asp. For more information call 1-866-316-3360 or call PWC at 910-483-1382.