Pay-By-Text Option Changing

PWC’s Pay-By-Text option is changing later this month.  You do not need to do anything differently to continue receiving your payment reminders by text.  However, you will notice a new format in your text reminders that offers more details about your bill amount and a new link for making your payment.

The new format will include past due charges and current charges and the due date.  The payment link will take you to our new Online Account Manager that is easily viewed on any device.  You can pay as a guest or register as a new user if you don’t already use the Online Account Manager.  There are no convenience fees if you pay by using your bank account and routing number.  There are reduced fees if you pay by debit/credit card.

Our Pay-By-Text option is changing because we are upgrading our Online Account Manager and changing our bill payment vendor.  The new Online Account Manager will be available on Oct. 31, 2018.  Bills sent on and after Nov. 1 will use this new Pay-by-Text payment method. All bills sent prior to Oct. 31 can be paid using the existing Pay-by-Text method.

PWC’s improved Online Account Manager will offer several new features we hope will enhance your online experience:

  • Account Summary provides a general overview of your bills, payments, usage, and payment history.
  • “My Wallet” feature allows you to save, add, edit, and view your payment information.
  • “Pay as Guest” Option.
  • Use your social media accounts for easier log-in.

Once it is available, we hope you’ll log on to see what the new Online Account Manager has to offer.