Phase V Annexation Sewer Installation Timeline

Construction BeginsProjectSubdivisionsStatus
20072LaGrange – Section 2Complete
20073LaGrange – Section 1Complete
20084Arran Lakes – WestComplete
20085Arran Lakes – EastComplete
20096LaGrange – North & SouthComplete
20109Summerhill (North of Dandridge)Complete
201110Arran Hills (east) & Arran Hills (west)Complete
201111Arran Hills (north) & Arran Hills (south)*Complete
201212Arran Lakes WestComplete
201213Shenandoah, Shenandoah NorthComplete
201314Arran Park, Winter ParkComplete
201315Arran Hills, Hillcrest, ShadowlawnComplete
201516Hampton Oaks, Southgate*Complete
201517Blue Springs Woods, Beacon Hill, Emerald Garden, Hickory GroveComplete
201718Southgate, South Gate Village*Complete
201719Arran Lakes WestComplete
201820Hackney Hills, Lake Point, Robinhill Est.Complete
201821Arran Lakes WestComplete
201922Arran Lakes West, Emerald GardensComplete
201923 Section IWells Place*Complete
202023 Section IIRayconda*Complete
202024 Section ACliffdale EstatesComplete
202224 Section BVillage Hills*Complete
202224 Section CKings MillComplete
202232 East Section IWendover Place, Hickory Run, Pine Crest, Pine Ridge AcresIn Progress
 202425Lake Rim EstatesIn Progress
 202326Cliffdale West, WoodmarkIn Progress
 27Cliffdale ForestIn Design
 28Cliffdale WestIn Design
 29 Section IMontibelloIn Design
 29 Section IIFarrington, Lake William, TunbridgeIn Design
 29 Section IIICliffdale Road, Reilly Road, Hoke Loop RoadIn Design
 30 Section 1Green Briar Lake, McArthur Road, Ramsey StreetIn Design
30 Section 2Carver Falls, Cedar Falls and Ramsey StreetIn Design
30 Section 3Gillespie StreetIn Design
 31 Section IN. Plymouth StreetIn Design
31 Section 2Raynor Drive, Northwood EstatesIn Design
 32 NorthKingswood, Porter Place, & Springfield CrossingIn Design
 32 SouthWesthavenIn Design
 32 East Section IIStoney Point Road and Dundle RoadIn Design
 33 NorthRaeford Road EstatesIn Design
 33 South Section IMcDougald, Springdale, Forest Lakes, Scottish PlaceIn Design
 33 South Section IIGalatia Church Road/Gillis Hill RoadIn Design
 34Fairfield, Spring Crossing, Large Mainly Vacant Areas in Phase VIn Design
* Certain lots will receive water in addition to sewer
Services installed as of June, 2023- 5,795