Procurement FAQ

What types of goods and services does PWC use?

Due to the complexity of our operations, we require a wide variety of goods, equipment, construction/repair work and various other services. Please refer to our “How to Do Business with Fayetteville PWC” book for additional information and our website for a general list of needs

Why should I become a registered vendor?

Completing the iSupplier Vendor Portal signup is a way of notifying PWC you are interested in receiving bids and request for quotes. It does not indicate that suppliers are pre-qualified or approved. To be considered for award of a contract, a vendor will have to meet the requirements listed in the specific bid package, request for quote, Service Agreement or Purchase Order. The standard for award of formal contracts is the “lowest responsive, responsible bidder” as per NC G.S. § 143-128.

Why is it important to include information about the products or services I provide in my vendor portal?

It is important for you to provide this information for PWC Departments to identify your business as a potential vendor for their opportunities. PWC uses NAICS codes for products & services

Does completing and submitting a Vendor Portal registration mean I am an “approved” vendor or a “pre-qualified” vendor?

No. Completing the vendor portal registration is a way of notifying PWC you are interested in potential business opportunities.

How do I become a registered vendor?

To become a registered vendor with PWC you must complete and submit an iSupplier Vendor Portal registration. The Vendor Portal registration can be filled out and submitted electronically through our website.

Who can I contact for assistance if I have problems completing the Vendor Application?

If you need assistance with completing the Vendor Portal Registration, please contact Lexi Hasapis (910-580-6900)  or iSupplier@faypwc.com.

How will I know when my vendor registration is complete?

You will receive an email from ebs@faypwc.com with log-in credentials and an email that requests you to upload your IRS Form W-9. Click here if you need a blank W-9.

I would like to meet with procurement staff and/or user departments to discuss my products or services. Can I just drop by or should I make an appointment?

We request that vendors call ahead and make an appointment to ensure that we will be available to meet with you. We prefer that you meet with procurement staff initially, and then we can assist in setting up meetings with other departments as needed. Due to COVID-19 protocols, PWC staff is meeting via Microsoft TEAMS.

Does PWC “buy local”?

PWC has a strategic priority to Improve Local Vendor Capacity and Engagement. PWC encourages multiple quotes to include quotes from local vendors when applicable. 

How can I find out about current bid opportunities?

You can find out about current bid opportunities by visiting our website and/or signing up for the PWC Procurement Mailing List:


Once a bid has closed, how soon will I be able to find out the bid results, and where can I obtain copies of bid tabulations?

For formal bids (purchase of goods, materials, apparatus and supplies costing $90,000 or more, and construction/repair projects costing $500,000 or more), bids are opened publicly, and any interested party may attend the bid opening.  Bid tabs and results of previous opportunities may be found at the PWC Procurement Page.  For informal bids (bids under the formal limits listed above), North Carolina General Statutes state that those bids are not open for public inspection until a contract is awarded. Therefore, once a decision has been made to award a contract; the bid results can be released.

What type of certification is required to be classified as a disadvantaged, minority or woman owned business? Does PWC have a certification program?

PWC tracks business certifications via the iSupplier Vendor Portal which are certified through the North Carolina Office of Historically Underutilized Businesses (NCHUB) and the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT). PWC does not have a PWC specific certification program.