PWC Wastewater Collections System Honored

PWC has been honored by the North Carolina chapter of the American Waterworks Association-Water Environment Association (NC AWWA-WEA) as the Wastewater Collection System of the Year for Systems with over 750+ miles. The award honors the collection system personnel that serve their community with a high level of professionalism and diligent work in the operation and maintenance of their waste water collection system facilities.

PWC’s collection system serves over 83,000 customers and includes over 1,200 miles of lines, enough to stretch half way across the United States! The award recognizes the efforts of the dedicated employees of PWC’s Water Resources Maintenance, Engineering and Water Facility Maintenance Departments.

PWC’s staff has been recognized for making the most of their available resources, no matter how great or small, while protecting the public health and the natural beauty of the environment through proactive practices beyond what is required of its NCDENR collection system permit.

About the NC AWWA-WEA Collection Systems Award