PWC Wins Statewide Awards for Excellence

PWC is one of 15 public power communities across North Carolina to receive a 2022 Public Power Award of Excellence. ElectriCities of North Carolina, Inc., presented 15 North Carolina communities with Public Power Awards of Excellence at ElectriCities’ 2023 Annual Conference held in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

“I am proud to have joined an organization that has such a tremendous history of excellence and especially proud of our employees’ unwavering dedication and the pride they take to providing safe, reliable, and affordable power to our community,” said Tim Bryant, PWC CEO/General Manager “Being powered by a municipally owned electric system is a tremendous benefit to Fayetteville and to our customers. It enables us to deliver more reliable service than other providers, as well as local jobs and unmatched customer service.”

PWC received public power awards in five categories that align with ElectriCities of NC’s strategic priorities:

Provide Superior Power:  Highlights utilities that deliver reliable, affordable and substantial electric power.  PWC was recognized for its implementation of demand response programs, Time-of-Use Electric Rates; Renewable Energy with its Community Solar program and utilization of battery storage and it’s outstanding reliability.  PWC has been recognized by the American Public Power Association six times with the APPA’s highest reliability designation (Reliable Public Power Provider; RP3- Diamond Level)

Future Focused:  Recognizes utilities for having a future-focused mindset and long term strategic plan & data driven approach toward improving the competitiveness of their utility  PWC aspires to be known as the best utility in the United States.  It’s Strategic Plan includes extensive Key Performance Indicators, and PWC’s customer satisfaction initiatives and surveys include benchmarking PWC against other high performing utilities.

Strengthen Public Power:  Celebrates utilities that build public and political support of public powerEach year, PWC hosts outreach that educates customers and the community on Public Power such asPWC Day and the PWC Expo.  For over 20 years, PWC has utilized customer feedback and insight through its  Community Advisory Group.

Customer-Centered Innovation:  Celebrates utilities that innovate and invest to better serve their customers and communities.In 2022, PWC introduced the Energy Resource Center and email video bill explanations that provide customers additional information and understanding of their utility use. 

People:   Recognizes utilities that leverage their people as their greatest assets.PWC has formal succession planning, internship programs, PWC University (organizational development & training) as well as offers educational assistance programs and partners with community organizations, such as FTCC to develop future workforce.

“There is tremendous value in public power, and this year’s Public Power Awards of Excellence recipients are going above and beyond to demonstrate that value and move public power’s future forward,” said ElectriCities CEO Roy Jones. “These awards demonstrate the connection city/town has in prioritizing local needs, putting their customers first using innovative solutions that provide safe, reliable power, and leveraging their workforce to provide exceptional service to the community. I’m honored to recognize city/town and the public power employees who put in the hard work each day to power their neighborhoods.”

Nearly 1.3 million people in more than 70 cities and towns across North Carolina get their electricity from public power providers. Since these public power communities own their electric system, they maintain local control and decision making over their operations, providing unbeaten reliability and support for their local economy.

About ElectriCities of North Carolina

ElectriCities of North Carolina, Inc., is the membership organization that provides power supply and related critical services to over 90 community-owned electric systems in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia—collectively known as public power. ElectriCities manages the power supply for two power agencies in North Carolina and provides technical services to assist members in operating their electric distribution systems. ElectriCities also helps these locally owned and operated public power providers thrive today and in the future by delivering innovative services, including legislative, technical, communications, and economic development expertise. Visit www.electricities.com to learn more about the benefits of public power and how ElectriCities helps communities keep the lights on through access to safe, reliable, and affordable energy.