Resolve to Save Money, Save Time, & Conserve!

  • Use PWC’s Online Account Manager/Mobile App – Monitor bills/usage history (power and water) so you can adjust your habits to save.
  • Use PWC’s Online Energy Resource Center – Do your own online home energy audit and calculate savings with heat pumps, appliances, EVs and more.
  • Use PWC’s Drive-thru, Self Service Pay Station – It’s open 24/7/365.
  • Know When/Where the Power’s Out – Sign up to be notified when there’s an electric outage that affects you and use the online Electric Outage Map to monitor restoration.
  • Take Advantage of Time-of-Use Rates – Shift power usage to Off-Peak hours (when PWC electric rates are 35% lower!) for big savings.
  • Find PWC Incentive Programs – Lower your bills for years to come (by replacing incandescent lighting, HVAC system, water-wasting toilets, etc.) and get bill credits now.
  • Change HVAC Filters Monthly – Efficient systems save money.
  • Sign Up for Paperless Billing – Save trees and save time.
  • Don’t Flush Wipes or Pour Grease Down the Drain – Prevent wastewater back-up that could harm the environment and damage our home.
  • Water on Alternate Days – Follow the year-round Odd-Even schedule for watering outdoors with automatic/unattended sprinklers.