Smart Planning: Preparing for Emergencies

September is National Preparedness Month! 

Smart Planning begins with preparing your family and your home.  It is important to have an emergency plan for potential loss of power and water for infants, the elderly, pets, and those with special needs. 

  • Prepare a disaster supply kit. See pages 6-7 of PWC’s Storm Preparation Guide for a complete list of necessary items.
  • Designate a friend or relative outside of town as your contact in the event your family is separated during an emergency.
  • Help young children memorize important information such as family name, address, and phone number.
  • Don’t forget your pets. Have a safe place to take your pet in case of an evacuation. Most disaster shelters won’t accept pets.
  • Check roofs, chimneys, walls, and foundations – fix things such as clogged gutters and loose shingles that could cause problems.
  • Take photos of your home and property before a storm hits. Photos will help if you must file an insurance claim.
  • Remove or secure items that could blow away from your yard.
  • Have flood insurance. Flood damage is not usually covered by homeowner’s insurance.
  • Fully charge portable charging stations.
  • Contact PWC’s Customer Service at 910-483-1382 or customer.service@faypwc.com to update your account contact information so our system can automatically recognize you when reporting an outage. You can also do this using our Online Account Manager.

Does your life saving equipment rely on electricity?
If you or a loved one require life-sustaining equipment that is dependent on electric and/or water service, you should always have a backup power plan. Prepare extra batteries and equipment to charge your batteries or identify somewhere to relocate to that has power.

Through PWC’s Medical Priority Program, you can also sign up to receive early notification and priority restoration consideration in the event of a scheduled or emergency interruption of service. PWC requires the customer and customer’s physician to complete a Medical Priority application, which can be found on the Residential Programs page on our website, faypwc.com.