TOU Summer Peak Hours Start Apr. 1

Summer Peak Hours: 3pm-7pm, Weekdays

Peak hours for electric customers change to the afternoon beginning April 1 and will run through October. Peak hours are 3pm-7pm weekdays. During this time of year is when energy demand is at its highest and costs the most. Shifting use on weekdays to Off-Peak hours (20 hours each weekday and
all weekend) will save you 35%.

For energy use during Peak times, here are some tips to help you save money by reducing your usage.

Heating and cooling account for a large portion of your electric use:

  • Turn your thermostat up in warm weather
  • Minimize the use of appliances (especially heat generating like ovens)
  • Use fans to make the temperature feel around 4° cooler

Water heaters are the next highest energy user:

  • Use cold water settings for laundry
  • If you take showers during Peak hours, shorten your time in the shower

In General:

  • Wash and dry laundry and run your dishwasher during Off-Peak hours
  • Consider purchasing “smart” appliances
  • Take showers/baths during Off-Peak hours

Take advantage of our PWC Incentive Programs to help with Time-of-Use and Beat the Peak!