Time to Winterize Your Irrigation System

Without proper preparation, your sprinkler system might be damaged by freezing temperatures. Here are some tips on how to prepare your irrigation system for winter conditions.

  • Shut off the water supply to the irrigation system. The main shut off valve for your irrigation system needs to be protected against freezing. Make sure it is wrapped with insulation (foam insulation tape and a plastic bag) to protect it from harsh winter temperatures and prevent it from freezing.
  • Remove the water from the pipes and sprinklers so that it won’t freeze/expand and break the pipe. There are several ways to drain your pipes: a manual drain valve, an automatic drain valve or the compressed air blow-out method. Contact your local irrigation specialist for help. Many offer sprinkler winterization services this time of the year.
  • Insulate backflow preventers and valves if they are above ground. You can also use insulation tape for this. Be sure not to block the air vents and drain outlets on backflow preventers.

Source: rainbird.com