Top 5 Holiday Cybersecurity Scams

  1. Holiday Deals – Remember that when a “special offer” sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Never click on links in emails or popups with very deep discount offers.
  2. Charity Tricksters – The holidays are traditionally the time for giving. It’s also the time that cyber criminals try to pry money out of people that mean well. It is safest to only donate to charities you already know.
  3. Complimentary Vouchers or Gift Cards – A popular holiday scam is big discounts on gift cards. Don’t fall for offers from retailers or social media posts that offer phony vouchers or gift cards paired with special promotions or contests. 
  4. Fake Mobile Apps – Apps can sometimes bypass controls built in by the app store. Be wary of apps from unknown developers or those with limited/bad reviews. Best practice is to only use ones you know and trust.
  5. Bogus Shipping Notices – You are going to see emails supposedly from Amazon or a shipping carrier in your inbox that claim your package has a problem and/or could not be delivered. Many of these are phishing attacks that try to make you click on a link or open an attachment.