Water System Flushing

Fayetteville PWC has a comprehensive flushing program designed to ensure our water customers continue to receive quality drinking water.   UDF, or uni-directional flushing, involves flushing water through mainlines and discharging from a fire hydrant.  In addition to maintaining water quality, flushing can help restore flow and pressures in the water distribution system.

Flushing will generally occur from 8:00 am to 3:30 pm for most areas. In commercialized areas, the flushing will occur at night and early morning hours.  Occasionally flushing will be scheduled in residential areas as well. Water service should not be disrupted during the flushing process.  However, there may be a slight drop in pressure and/or discolored water at the tap.  If discoloration occurs, customers should allow the water to run for 5-10 minutes until clear.   If water does not clear, contact PWC at 223-4715 during normal business hours or 1-877-OUR-PWC1 after hours.

Work is planned on and around the following streets in October: Addison Street, Alson Road, Babcock Court, Baldoon Drive, Bayfield Loop, Bibb Court, Candlewood Drive, Cinnamon Creek Circle, Cliffdale Road, Dental Lane, Dudley Drive, Easthampton Road, Falmont Place, Folger Street, Golf Drive, Gristmill Road, Harmon Place, Independence Place Drive, Kimridge Road, Lawson Street, Lexi Lane, Milburn Drive, Morganton Road, Nighthawk Place, Perth Street, Raven Place, South Reilly Road, Seventy-First School Road, Tatum Drive, Torrance Lane, Tuckahoe Court, Wallaby Court, and Woodbridge Way.

Water Main Flushing