PWC’s Educational Resources

Check out these great PWC educational resources while you're at home with the kids!

Other Educational Resources

  • Did you know Kidsville News is a fun family newspaper that promotes education and reading for kids in K-6 grades. It’s also a great resource for parents while schools are closed. Visit them online for Brainworks, science experiments, lesson plans, and more!
    Kidsville News 
  • Thirsty for knowledge? Let's learn about water! Reduce your water use by turning off the water while brushing teeth, taking shorter showers, and only running the dishwasher when it's full. Learn about water efficiency together with this fun game:
    WaterSense Game
Virtual Field Trips

Click on a video below for fun, informative, social-distancing friendly virtual visits!


Visit PWC’s Residual Farm to learn about the role it plays in waste management!

Have you ever wanted to know how an elevated water tower works? Click below to find out! 

What does a Substation do and what role does it play in the power generation? 

Do you like science experiments?

Let's visit a Lift Station!


Do you know where your drinking water comes from and how its treated? 

Take a ride with a PWC Lineman!


What does Emergency Dispatch do?


Take a trip to a Water Reclamation Facility! 


How is electricity created? 


Arts & Crafts! Make a planter out of recycled materials! 


Learn about the Engineering field!


Let's Visit the Cape Fear River!


Do you know what a Watershed is? 

What is Public Power?