Your PWC Connections TV Show Archive – 2015

January 2015 – Best of 2014 Awards
Inside PWC: E.F. Scattergood System Achievement Award
Conservation Corner: Customer Incentive Programs
Community Connection:
Green Academy at DBHS
Spotlight on Safety: Utility Scams
Dear Gabby:
Why are those guys “just” standing around?
February 2015
Inside PWC: Backflow Protection Program
Inside PWC: Annual Water Changeover
Community Connection: Fayetteville Duck Derby
Spotlight on Safety: Using Solar Power Safely
Dear Gabby: How to Dispose of CFLs

March 2015
Inside PWC: PWC’s Power & Water Conservation Expo!
Community Connection: March of Dimes: Annual March for Babies
Spotlight on Safety: 1, 4 Dioxane Questions and Answers
The Green Way: Pratt Recycling
Dear Gabby: Meter Replacement

April 2015
Inside PWC: Mr. Blanchard Looks Back
Spotlight on Safety: 4M Hours Worked Safely
Conservation Corner: Proper Lawn Irrigation
Conservation Corner: PWC’s Rain Sensor Program
Dear Gabby: Stopping Service When on Vacation

May 2015
Inside PWC: PWC’s Mock Power Pole
Spotlight on Safety: Utility Theft and Tampering
Spotlight on Safety: NC 811 – Know What’s Below
Conservation Corner: Limited Time Offer Incentive Programs
Dear Gabby: Signs on Power Poles