New Online Account Manager Now Available

Our new Online Account Manager is now available and offers several new features we hope will enhance your online experience, such as:

  • Account Summary page provides a general overview of your bills, payments, usage, and payment history.
  • Easily viewed on any device.
  • “My Wallet” feature allows you to save, add, edit, and view your payment information.
  • “Pay as Guest” Option.
  • No convenience fees if you pay your bill by using your bank account and routing number.  There are reduced fees if you pay by debit/credit card.
  • Use your social media accounts for easier log-in.

We hope you like what the new Online Account Manager has to offer!

All current eBill and Pay-By-Text customers will receive special notifications about upcoming changes to those formats.  In addition to these changes, we’re also improving our main website – faypwc.com – with a new color scheme, updated menuing, and easier viewing on mobile devices.