Supplier FAQ

Q: What do I need to do to become a vendor with Fayetteville PWC?
A. To become a vendor with PWC, you must register through iSupplier. Please click here to register. Note: Do not forget to attach your W9 to your registration. For assistance, please contact iSupplier@faypwc.com.

Q: How can I learn more about upcoming procurement opportunities?
A: Please click here to sign up for bid notifications and stay up to date on procurement opportunities with us.

Q: How can I become certified as a Small Local Supplier (SLS) for PWC?
A: To become a Small Local Supplier (SLS) for PWC, you must meet the following qualifications as listed here, be a registered vendor through iSupplier, and complete the self-certification form. Please click here to access the form. For assistance, please contact SLS@faypwc.com .

Q: If I am a MWDBE, how can I become HUB certified?
A: For assistance with HUB certification, please visit the NC DOA website by clicking here.

Q: Does Fayetteville PWC have a need for the type of goods/services my business offers?
A: If you would like for us to learn more about your business and see if there are procurement opportunities available for you, please email us at EIProgram@faypwc.com.

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