Design Standards

The W/R Engineering Department, in conjunction with the Technical Advisory Committee and Stakeholders Group, has developed a Design Manual, that outlines PWC’s requirements, technical specifications, and details for the design and construction of water and sewer extensions that will be owned, operated, or maintained by PWC.


Permit Design Manual

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: General Requirements for Water and Sewer Extensions

Chapter 2: Sanitary Sewer Design Guidelines

Chapter 3: Water Distribution Design Guidelines

Chapter 4: Survey Requirements

Chapter 5: Drawing Requirements

Chapter 6: Drafting and CADD Standards

Chapter 7: Permits, Encroachments, and Easements

Chapter 8: Design Details

Chapter 9: Technical Specifications


Minimum Requirements for Plan Reviews Checklist

PWC Specifications Checklist

PWC Submittal Checklist

PWC Standard Details List

Property Questionnaire

Engineer’s Report

EDI Questionnaire

Permit Application -Water

Permit Application -Sewer

Engineering Certification – Water

Engineering Certification – Sewer

Fire Flow Calculations Exhibit

Utility Construction Notes for Developer Projects

Utility Easement Submittal Checklist

Utility Encroachment Submittal Checklist

PWC Easement Title Block (.dwg)

PWC Encroachment Title Block (.dwg)