Commercial Irrigation Meter

How to Request an Industrial/Commercial Water Meter

1. Inquire by contacting PWC. Call PWC’s Customer Service Department at (910) 483-1382 or Customer Programs Department at (910) 223-4600 to inquire about establishing irrigation service and to initiate a quote.

2. Wait to receive a quote within 7-10 business days.  After PWC determines how the service is to be provided, the customer will be notified in writing. A packet containing the quote and information about your responsibilities for maintaining the Backflow Prevention Assembly* will be included.

3. Pay your quoted amount. Pay the quoted amount to PWC by cash, check or money order.  Please note that all quotes will be valid for sixty days (60) from the approval signature date.  Questions about payment may be directed to the PWC Customer Programs Department at (910) 223-4600.

Mailing address:
Fayetteville Public Works Commission
Attn: Customer Programs Call Center
PO Box 1089
Fayetteville, NC 28302

Physical address:
Fayetteville Public Works Commission Customer Service Center
955 Old Wilmington Rd
Fayetteville, NC 28301

4. PWC makes the water tap.Taps are made approximately 4-6 weeks (usually within 30 days) after the tap order has been processed. NOTE: WATER METER IS NOT INSTALLED AT THIS TIME.

5. Obtain a Plumbing Permit.  The plumbing permit will be issued by the City of Fayetteville, Cumberland County, or the Town of Hope Mills Plumbing Inspections Office, depending on the address where the tap is to be made.

6. Purchase and install a Backflow Prevention Assembly*.While the customer is waiting on PWC to make the irrigation tap, the Backflow Prevention Assembly* can be purchased and installed. However, it is advised to wait until after PWC makes the tap. Please be aware that PWC’s Environmental System Protection Department has specific installation specifications for Backflow Prevention Assemblies*. You can obtain a copy of the specifications by contacting the Environmental System Protection Department (910-223-4703) or visiting our website (www.faypwc.com under Conservation/Environmental > Backflow Prevention).

7. Have the installation of the Backflow Prevention Assembly* inspected.The customer or plumber will need to call the Plumbing Inspections Office that issued the permit to schedule an inspection. The plumbing inspector will inspect the installation and notify PWC if the installation passed inspection.

8. PWC installs the water meter and turns on the service. Once your meter is set, you will be billed for commercial services.  These charges will appear on your existing PWC account.

9. Have the Backflow Prevention Assembly tested (Certification Test).The City of Fayetteville’s Cross Connection Control Ordinance S1995-016 (Section 28-237) Installation of Assemblies, states that following the installation, all Backflow Prevention Assemblies* are required to be tested within ten (10) days by a PWC approved Certified Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester.  A list of approved testers is available on our website.

*Backflow Prevention Assemblies: A Reduced Pressure Principle Backflow Prevention Assembly is required for all lawn irrigation service.The type of backflow required on Industrial/Commercial domestic and fire services is based on the hazard of the facility.

 Click here for more information on installation, testing, and repairs of the Backflow Prevention Assembly

If you have questions about Backflow Prevention Assemblies and specifications, please contact PWC’s Environmental System Protection Office at (910) 223-4703.