Annexation Phase V – Project Updates

On behalf of the City of Fayetteville, PWC manages the design and construction of sewer and water in areas annexed into the city limits. PWC also manages citizen information notifications and collection of assessments.

This information is subject to change.

Current Projects
Project 23 (Section II) – Rayconda
Project 24 (Section A) – Cliffdale Estates
Project 24 (Section B) – Village Hills
Project 24 (Section C) – Kings Mill
Project 26 – Cliffdale West, Woodmark
Project 32 East Section 1- Wendover Place, Hickory Run, Pine Crest, Pine Ridge Acres

Upcoming Projects
Project 25- Lake Rim Estates
Project 27 – Cliffdale Forest
Project 28 – Cliffdale West
Project 32 East Section II- Stoney Point Road & Dundle Road
Project 33 – North- Raeford Road Estates