PWC’s Electrical Engineering Department is made up of four sections:

  • customer support
  • support systems
  • technical support
  • office administration

The objective of the department is to provide engineering and other services in a timely, courteous, and professional manner that is commercially competitive.

PWC currently purchases much of its power from Progress Energy. PWC also has the ability to generate electricity. All of the power that we purchase is sent to one of three Points of Delivery (POD) in the Fayetteville area by way of 230,000-volt (kV) transmission lines. This high voltage allows power to travel vast distances more efficiently than lower voltages. At these POD’s, the voltage is transformed to 66 kV and sent to one of our 35 substations throughout the Fayetteville area. This voltage allows the wires to be located closer together and is more appropriate for transporting power to our substations. At the substation the voltage is once again transformed to a lower voltage of either 25 kV or 15 kV. This is the voltage of the power lines along the streets of your neighborhood. At the home or business, the voltage is transformed a final time. The voltage delivered to your home is typically in the range of 122 volts but the system is designed to deliver 120 volts, plus or minus 5%, at any given time.

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