Smart Energy Provider Award

In 2021, the American Public Power Association (APPA) recognized PWC as a Smart Energy Provider (SEP) for demonstrating commitment to and proficiency in energy efficiency, distributed generation, and environmental initiatives that support a goal of providing low-cost, quality, safe, and reliable electric service.  It was the second time PWC has earned the distinction.

The SEP designation, which lasts for two years (December 1, 2021-November 30, 2023) recognizes public power utilities for demonstrating leading practices in four key disciplines:

  • Smart energy program structure
  • Energy efficiency and distributed energy programs
  • Environmental and sustainability initiatives
  • Customer experience

This is the first year the Association has offered the SEP designation. PWC joins more than 60 public power utilities nationwide that received the inaugural SEP designation and is one of two North Carolina public power utilities recognized in 2019.

PWC’s environmental and sustainable initiatives noted in the designation include:

  • Community Solar and Battery Storage Project
  • Time-of-Use Electric Rates
  • Extensive offering of customer incentive programs promoting energy conservation
  • Public electric vehicle charging stations
  • Research and participation in the APPA DEED (Demonstration of Energy & Efficiency Developments) programs (PWC earned its 3rd APPA/DEED Energy Innovator Award in March 2019).

Years Received

  • 2023-2025
  • 2021-2023
  • 2019-2021