Tree Trimming

At PWC, we know the citizens of Fayetteville and the surrounding areas are proud of their urban forests. We also know that power outages are an inconvenience to our customers. But when trees compete with overhead power lines, the outcome could be "shocking" - especially in the case of downed power lines associated with overgrown or fallen trees.

Line Clearance / Vegetation Management is an essential part of PWC's power line maintenance to ensure safe, reliable electrical service. It includes:

  • Pruning or removing trees (undesired vegetation) from rights-of-way of overhead power lines
  • Routine (every 3 to 5 years) surveys and plans to clear the power lines.
  • Notifying customers of trees that may pose a threat to their overhead power lines.

Our work is concentrated mostly on clearing transmission and distribution circuits. Most secondary and service drop lines are insulated and do not require maintenance unless a limb is putting substantial pressure on the line, thus causing the insulation to be rubbed off the wire. PWC does not remove trees along secondary or service drop lines.

If your tree problem involves interference with water and/or sewer lines, please contact the Water Construction Department at (910-223-4716). If it is located on a watershed property, please contact Watersheds (910-223-4760).