Underground Cable Replacement

Don’t Crowd Transformers Rack Card (PDF)

Underground Transformers (video)

Throughout the year, Fayetteville PWC works to upgrade underground electric services for customers. This work will increase electric service reliability and prevent untimely outages. Contractors will perform the work on PWC’s behalf and will replace aging electric cable and equipment including pad-mounted underground transformers.

Crews will use directional boring equipment to minimize the impact of replacing underground cable; however, equipment will be placed within the utility right-of-way and may potentially impact lawns and landscaping.  Please note – photos and/or video of properties will be taken before work begins and once work is complete, crews will restore lawns to the conditions shown in the photos and/or video prior to the project.  If you have an irrigation system, please mark or flag prior to the start of the project to protect sprinkler heads.

If you have a pad-mounted transformer located on your property, it will be replaced as part of this project.  Any landscaping close to the transformer will need to be moved.  Crews will remove any landscaping around transformers that is not removed prior to the work being performed.   Please be reminded that there is required spacing around transformers for proper air circulation and safe access when service is needed. Signage on the equipment provides specific distance requirements.

During the project, customers will be notified before any planned service outages are necessary.  Customers are only expected to experience one brief interruption of service when crews switch over from the old equipment to the new equipment. This work is expected to last 6-8 weeks. Please note, the schedule for this work may be impacted by weather or unforeseen circumstances.  As needed, updates will be made through phone notifications or NextDoor updates.