Time-of-Use Rates

Time It Right and Save

Time-of-Use (TOU) rates better align the rates we charge with the costs that we pay for electricity.  PWC’s AMI meters provide customers the opportunity to manage their electricity usage during peak and non-peak times through TOU rates.  Customers who shift their usage from peak times will lower their price per kWh thereby lowering their bill and also lowering PWC’s demand rates paid to Duke Energy Progress (DEP).

Time-of-Use Rates are billed with On and Off-Peak Rates.  Off-Peak hours are 35% lower than during peak times.  PWC’s current off-peak rate is 16% less expensive than the flat rate charged before the TOU implementation.

On-Peak hours are only four hours of each weekday, while Off-Peak are 20 hours each day as well as weekends and PWC observed holidays.  Because the demand for electricity changes depending on the seasons of the year, Peak hours are different in the summer and winter months. You can login to your PWC account information to review your historical on and off-peak energy usage.

Use these helpful TOU tips, to take advantage of Time-of-Use Rates to lower your electric bills by conserving and shifting consumption from Peak to Off-Peak hours. Rates for electricity used during off-peak hours are 35% lower than during peak times.

Summer Peak Hours

April – October

3:00pm – 7:00pm (Mon. – Fri.)

Winter Peak Hours

November – March

6:00am – 10:00am (Mon. – Fri.)

**Note that only four hours of the day are considered peak times; 20 hours each day – and all day on weekends and PWC-recognized holidays – are off peak.

TOU Frequently Asked Questions | TOU for Non-Residential Customers

Whole Home/Super Off Peak Rates Available

As of May 2023, PWC offers an elective Whole Home rate that features a super Off-Peak rate daily from 9:00 p.m.-5:00 a.m.  Customers who sign up for the rate, pay a higher basic facility charge and On-Peak rate and their super Off-Peak rate ($ 0.05123) is 44% lower than Off-Peak rates (0.09024).  All customers are eligible to sign up for the Whole Home rate and the rate may be the most beneficial to Electric Vehicle owners.  If you own an EV, can charge your vehicle at home, and drive at least 16 miles a day/480 miles a month, the Whole Home rate can help you save!  Call 910-483-1382 to speak with a PWC representative and request to participate in our Whole Home electric rate.