Establishing Service


To start/stop/transfer service with PWC, please choose one of the following options:  

  • Customer Service Web Portal: Online Account Manager
  • Contact Customer Service:  (910) 483-1382 | email
    Please keep in mind that our call volume is high around the first of every month and on Mondays and Fridays. Our Call Center is open 7am-8pm, Monday-Friday.  Walk-in service at Customer Service Center is temporarily suspended due to COVID-19.

Click here for a schedule of deposits, fees, and charges

You will need the following information to set up service:

  • Date of birth
  • Social Security number
  • Valid picture ID number (license or state issued ID#)
  • Telephone number
  • Employer information if applicable
  • Email address
  • Spouse/Co-Applicant information
  • Reference
  • Landlord’s information if renter
  • All the information listed above
  • Valid lease (if applicable)

Irrigation Meters

Customers with separate lawn irrigation meters are required by state and local regulations to have backflow protectors on their irrigation system that routinely inspected. PWC has authorized contractors to test and repair backflow protectors. Irrigation customers are billed a small fee monthly to cover the costs associated with these inspections and maintenance.

Area Lights

Contact Customer Service at (910) 483-1382 to request an area light.

Area lighting is used to light private areas such as backyards, playgrounds, storage yards and general customer areas. These lights are installed as requested by a customer for a monthly fee.

Street lighting is used primarily to illuminate the city’s public thoroughfares and residential streets. However, street lighting is also available on private streets at an additional monthly cost to residents.

PWC will need to have access to get a line truck in the customer’s yard. If the customer has a fence, then the gate will need to be wide enough for a line truck to enter. If the service for the area light is underground, there is an additional $5.00 per foot for digging the service underground for an area light.