Water Main Re-Lining

As part of PWC’s on-going maintenance program, we must periodically re-condition sections of our water system in order to ensure that you, our customer, continue to receive quality and dependable water service.    Pipeline re-conditioning involves cleaning the interior of the water main and the application of a protective coating to prevent corrosion.    This work results in improved water flow in the mains and more efficient operation of our system.  As a customer, your benefit is the assurance that water pressure in your home or business, as well as essential fire protection, will be maintained at all times.  Heitkamp, Inc., is PWC’s current contractor for this project and will perform the work.

Because it is necessary to take the water main out of service for this project, residents and businesses along the route will be provided with a temporary water supply.  Connections will be made to your existing service line from temporary pipelines laid alongside the curbs on each side of the street.  We will make every effort to ensure that your normal water service is maintained at all times.  The temporary water service will be connected to the PWC system; therefore, there should not be any change in the quality of your water.

If you live, travel, or shop in the area, you will notice a number of openings in the street pavement to allow access to the water main and to accommodate the bypass pipelines running across intersections and driveways.  All openings will be covered when not in use and will be resurfaced as soon as possible after the project is finished.  Every possible safety precaution will be taken and all work areas will be barricaded and marked to prevent injury.  You can help by avoiding the work area as much as possible and cautioning others to watch their step.

We realize our water main cleaning project may cause some inconveniences for those that live and work in the area.  We are working closely with local officials and police departments to minimize traffic disruptions and we will do our best to see that the construction goes smoothly.

If a problem should occur as a result of this work, please contact our Water Resources Engineering Department at (910) 223-4730 during normal business hours.  After normal hours, please call (910) 483-1382.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation while we work to improve your water system.