Educational Resources

To request any of PWC’s Educational Resources, please complete our online request form.

Educational Characters: Willy Water Drop & Wally Watt Watcher
PWC Educational mascots Willy Water Drop and Wally Watt Watcher make learning about conservation and safety fun! Willy & Wally make appearances at local schools and community events throughout the year and are a great learning resource.

PWC Tours
PWC offers vital services to our community by supplying electricity, water and wastewater treatment. Tours of PWC facilities are informative for the public and can be arranged for your class or organization.

PWC has a workforce of more than 600 employees and they offer a wealth of knowledge in a broad range of topics and skills. Contact PWC to schedule speakers for your classes and organizations.

Education Resources
Take virtual tours, watch educational videos about our services, and learn more about PWC services!