Commercial and Industrial Rates

Summary of Deposits, Fees, & Charges

Customer Service Fees & Charges
Initial Connection $22 (during normal business hours)
$65 (after normal business hours)
Late Fee 5% or $5 (whichever is greater)
Disconnection Attempt Fee $22
Reconnect $30 (during normal business hours)
$60 (after normal business hours)
Returned Bank Item $25

Deposit amounts for premises with an unknown billing history (i.e. new construction or change of business type) will be given by Customer Programs.  Our standard deposit is an average of two months billing history.

Meter Testing Fee Electric-$50
Meter Tampering Fee Up to $500
Area Lighting $4.50 (additional facilities per month per pole)
$330 (additional wood pole (30 ft/Class 5)
$330 (secondary pole, lift pole)
$185 (relocation of pole after initial installation)

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*electric fees are subject to NC Sales Tax

Summary of Facility Investment Fees (FIF)
Single Family Residential (domestic use), Non-residential and Industrial (excludes irrigation and multi-family dwelling units)
5/8” Meter $540
1” Meter $1,350
1 ½” Meter $2,700
2” Meter $4,320
Residential Irrigation $405 (customer must have a PWC domestic meter at this location)
5/8” Meter $660
1” Meter $1,650
1 ½” Meter $3,300
2” Meter $5,280

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Electric Rates

Water Rates

Sewer Rates


Electric Customers to Receive Credit Beginning April 1, 2017
Beginning April 1, 2017, electric customers will see a Wholesale Power Cost Adjustment credit applied to your bill.  Because of lower than expected costs in 2016 from our power supply provider, Duke Energy, PWC will credit back $5 million to electric customers over an estimated 12-month period.  A credit of .00273 will be applied per your kWh used.  An example of the credit would be a customer with a monthly use of 1,000 kWh, will receive a credit of $2.73.

Service & Rate Regulations