NC811 – Call Before You Dig

NC 811 has helped North Carolina’s underground utilities stay safe since 1978! Anytime you are planning to dig at any location, you should call NC811 first.

The law requires all owners of underground utilities to become members of NC811 (Underground Utility Safety and Damage Prevention Act). Also, member utilities now have three full business days, starting at 12:01 a.m. the next business day from when the request is made, to mark the location of the underground utilities or notify the excavator of a no conflict. The service is free of charge to excavators.
Learn more about the Underground Safety and Damage Prevention Act here: New Law vs. Old Law

NC811 takes requests from customers who would like to have underground lines marked for proposed excavation. NC 811 also takes requests from those who do not plan to excavate but wish to find out what utilities are in a particular area. These second types of requests are referred to as Survey/Design, and they require a 10 business day notice.

The Center provides a toll free number, 1-800-632-4949, that can be reached from anywhere in the continental United States or you may dial 811 within North Carolina.

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