Small Local Supplier (SLS) Program

PWC established the Small Local Supplier (SLS) Program on July 1, 2022, to support local utilization, encourage capacity development, and offer procurement opportunities to business enterprises that meet the eligibility requirements of the SLS Program.

Small Local Supplier Program

Small Local Supplier (SLS) Qualifications

Size: The persons or entities shall meet the size requirement established by SBA’s Office of Size Standards for the applicable primary North American Industry Classification Code, as set forth in 13 C.F.R. §121.201, and as updated. SBA Size tables can be found at https://www.sba.gov/document/support–table-size-standards

Business Location: Maintains a physical place of business (whether leased or owned) in the Fayetteville Metropolitan Statistical Area (FMSA) and meets the following requirements. For persons or entities with physical locations both inside and outside of the FMSA, the physical location(s) inside the FMSA must account for at least than fifty percent (50%) of the applicant’s total gross revenue from all locations; or at least twenty-five percent (25%) of the applicant’s employees are residents of the FMSA, as determined by each employee’s residential mailing address.

Integrity: Applicant agrees that any conduct of to attempt to evade or subvert the intent or requirements of the SLS Program will deem the person or entity ineligible for the SLS program.

Cooperation: Applicant seeking SLS Certification shall cooperate fully with PWC’s requests for information and documentation relevant to the certification process. Failure or refusal to provide requested information and documentation may result in denial or removal of SLS Certification.

Other: Suppliers that are found ineligible for participation in the SLS Program, or have otherwise been prohibited from participation, may apply for certification after the disqualifying condition(s) cease to exist. PWC will evaluate the eligibility of a supplier seeking SLS Certification based on present circumstances.

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We host events each year for our Small Local Suppliers (SLS). For more information, please visit our Events page.

For additional assistance, please contact our Economic Inclusion Program Staff at SLS@faypwc.com.