2017 Water Quality Report

At PWC, we care deeply about the quality of the water we provide for our customers, and we’re proud of the exceptional standards we maintain. The  2017 Water Quality Report provides our customers with the results of testing we are required to perform.

However, we don’t test our water just because we “have to.” It’s part of our unparalleled commitment to provide you with the highest quality drinking water that meets – and surpasses – standard requirements.

About & Beyond

PWC is proud to be a charter member of the National Partnership for Safe Water.  We were the first utility in North Carolina to earn the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Director’s Award for our extra efforts in providing clean, safe drinking water.  And we have received the prestigious recognition for 17 consecutive years.

9 Billion Gallons – 150,000 Tests

To make sure your drinking water is clean and safe, PWC’s two Water Treatment Facilities use advanced technology and proven methods to process the water we provide.  In 2017, we treated 9.1 billion gallons of water!

How is Your Water Treated?

PWC annually tests for 118 elements and contaminants regulated by the EPA. PWC meets or surpasses all the standard requirements annually. We understand that news reports about 1,4-Dioxane cause concerns about the safety of our drinking water. While 1,4-Dioxane has been detected in the Cape Fear River as well as other areas in our region, state and nation, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) currently has no standards for 1,4-Dioxane and has not yet issued regulated safe limits.

1,4 Dioxane Facts


2017 Water Quality Report