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Quick Connects Videos

General Energy Conservation Water Conservation
Pride in Public Power Tips to Lower Your Power Bill Detecting Leaks Around Your Home
Fayetteville PWC is Your Hometown Utility  Captain C – Electric Conservation (2014) Detecting & Preventing Toilet Leaks
Saving Energy on Pools & Spas Captain C – Water Conservation (2014)
Energy Saving Tips – AC Water Heaters
Water Heaters Bathroom Leaks
Landscaping Winterizing Your Home Winterizing Your Plumbing
Water Wise Gardening Energy Efficient Lighting
Water Wise Plants The Benefits of CFLs Electric Services
Mulching Recycling CFLs What is Public Power?
Irrigation System Maintenance Phantom Load Overhead vs. Underground Utilities
NC 811 Air Conditioning Purchasing Used Power Poles
Soil Prep for Proper Planting Air Leaks PWC Providing Reliable Electric Services
Build Your Own Rain Barrel Restoring Your Power
Tree Planting Renewable Energy
Planting Around Utilities
Want to be a Master Gardener?
Special Projects
Water Services Customer Programs & Services Street Lighting
Our Water Source: The
Cape Fear River
PWC’s High Efficiency Toilet Incentive Program Smoke Testing
Tap Water Delivers PWC’s Home Efficiency Audit Program Water Main Flushing
Glenville Lake Spillway Project Refrigerator Incentive Program Right-of-Way & Easements
Annual Water Changeover Seasonal LED Light Incentive Program
Cross Connections Irrigation Meters Safety Tips
PWC’s Watersheds Program Pay-by-Text Dangers of Electricity
Easley Watershed Protection Area Annexation – What to Expect During Installation Emergency Preparedness
Annexation Sewer Installation Lightning Protection
Facilities Copper Theft Summer Storms (Electrical Safety)
Customer Payment Center (Design Features) Project: People Who Care Space Heater Safety
PWC Lab Line Clearance Preparing Your Chimney for Winter
Residuals Management/PWC Farm